Last 6 hours
Date & time Temp Feels like Humidity Wind Rain Pressure
dir ave gust
2014/04/16 2156 BST 8.9 °C 7.9 °C 85% - 1 mph 4 mph 0.0 mm 1040.0 hPa, steady
2256 BST 7.8 °C 6.9 °C 91% - 0 mph 3 mph 0.0 mm 1039.8 hPa, falling slowly
2356 BST 8.0 °C 6.8 °C 91% N 1 mph 4 mph 0.0 mm 1039.0 hPa, falling slowly
2014/04/17 0056 BST 7.1 °C 5.9 °C 97% NNW 1 mph 5 mph 0.0 mm 1038.5 hPa, falling slowly
0156 BST 6.3 °C 5.1 °C 99% NNW 1 mph 4 mph 0.0 mm 1038.2 hPa, falling
0256 BST 4.7 °C 3.5 °C 99% - 0 mph 1 mph 0.0 mm 1037.8 hPa, falling slowly
0356 BST 5.9 °C 4.9 °C 99% - 0 mph 4 mph 0.0 mm 1037.1 hPa, falling slowly
Last 24 hours
24 hours ending 2156 BST on 16 Apr 2014 Date & time
Daytime max temp 16.7 °C 2014/04/161551 BST
Night min temp 1.7 °C 2014/04/160406 BST
Total rainfall 0.0 mm
Average wind speed 1 mph
Highest gust speed 11 mph 2014/04/161101 BST
From 2200 BST on 16 Apr to 0356 BST on 17 Apr 2014 Date & time
Daytime max temp
Night min temp 4.5 °C 2014/04/170311 BST
Total rainfall 0.0 mm
Average wind speed 1 mph
Highest gust speed 5 mph 2014/04/170046 BST
About the station

This website displays the current weather reported by my weather station, located on the southern edge of Maidstone, Kent.

The station currently comprises of a Maplin USB Weather station (N96FY) which is really a rebadged Watson WH1081 unit. The base unit is connected to a Raspberry PI using pywws to take the measurements. It then uploads the measurements up to this website, Met Office WOW, weatherunderground, Open Weather Map and to Twitter.

The @me15weather twitter feed sends a tweet once per hour comprising the current conditions. Sometimes I do post additional weather related tweets, usually if it's a weather warning.

Please Note: Maplin appears to have stopped selling these units in late 2012have these units back in stock however they are still available from other outlets online including Amazon and EBay.

The Mark II Weather Station Project

This site has been using the Mark I project which uses pywws and a USB weather station.

The Mark II project is to create a weather station from scratch using just components and one or more Raspberry PI's to complement the existing station.

This project is underway and the software & source for this are now available on Bitbucket.

It's still in an alpha development stage but this is the software providing the newer webcams on this site.

Articles about this station
Latest news
  • May 19, 2013 - I've just modified the background scripts based on pywws documentation and the station is now reporting every 5 minutes rather than on the hour. Twitter is still being posted once ber hour.
  • Jan 26, 2013 - There's now a Google+ page for the weather station. I'm posting weather related articles here.
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