Welcome to Maidstone Weather, a Raspberry PI based weather station located on the southern edge of Maidstone, Kent.

The station currently comprises of three Raspberry PI's. The original one monitors the Mark I station shown to the left whilst another monitors the current sky conditions. A third provides the Western Horizon webcam view.

In the near future a fourth will be providing the Mark II station which will replace the aging Mark I station.

More information is in the about pages.


Rather cloudy but dry through most of the day, with some sunny spells during the morning. A few outbreaks of slight rain will spread from the west around dusk, accompanied by freshening winds. Maximum Temperature 20C.

For a more complete forecast including tonight's astronomical conditions go to the Forecast page.

Latest measurements

Original Mark 1 Station

Dew Point
Hour - Rainfall - Today

Sky Conditions

Day Camera
Cloud cover
Cloud Base


Sunrise: 04:52 BST
Sunset: 20:58 BST
Moonrise: 14:19 BST
Moonset: 02:13 BST
8 days